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I studied Medieval History, Art History, Romance literature and language and a little bit Catholic Theology in Münster and Eichstätt. Then already, my prime research project was the Order of the Knights Templar, and so I wrote my thesis about the proceedings against the Order and finished the first stage of my studies in 1996.

After some months in the Cistercian monastery Lichtenthal in Baden-Baden I was back at the university in 1997 and began research for my doctoral thesis. The theme I chose was the cult of city-saints in Southern France and their political implications. I graduated in 2000 and published my findings finally in 2002.

In 2008 I published my first novel - as you might expect about the Templars! But then I focused my creativity to other subjects and other times: Ancient Egypt, South Africa...

Since 2003, I live in Hamburg and work at the university. At the moment, my research projects branch out to media history (especially lantern slides projection and film strips).